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I walked in…I was three
There was so much to see

When come to find out…what it’s all about
Is discovering… …Me

There’s learning & playing…and social graces
There’s painting and singing…they put us through paces

Mom & Dad were worried a bit
Would I miss ‘em too much? Would I throw a big fit?

Would I cry & sigh and say “don’t go”?
Would I run in a hurry and be a no-show?

‘Naw Ma…don’t worry…it’s all about fun
Your boy’s grown a lot…I’m your “SUNFLOWER” son

I fit right in when it’s time to begin
I climb monkey-bars…I watch & grin

And who knows…first day I’ll make some new friends
With “Sunflower” power…
Beginnings won’t end

by Dennis Ragsdale ( James' Dad) 1999

Sunflower Power


Happy Anniversary!
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