Sunflower Preschool 1080 Berrum Lane Reno , Nevada 89509

  NAC Accreditation NAC The Only Preschool in Northern Nevada Accredited by the
"National Accreditation Commissioin for Early Care and Education Programs"
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"Offering Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten"

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Our Philosophy

Each child is unique and remarkable. The cornerstones of Sunflower’s philosophy are to foster the individual development of each child and enhance confidence and self-direction. By creating a school environment that encourages social interaction and developmental learning, we believe that children begin building their first positive school experiences. Our purpose is to make children happy.

A partnership between child and teacher is established to facilitate self-expression and self-direction.  The relationship a child has with his/her first teachers is crucial to his/her future perceptions of school.

Sunflower Preschool Ltd. recognizes and respects the individuality of each child.  The staff at Sunflower explores and encourages a child’s individuality by creating an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance.  In addition, Sunflower strives to teach respect and tolerance for others by providing experiences that embrace cultural diversity.

Our developmental programs celebrate the “whole child” and it is our hope that Sunflower contributes positively to each child’s future of promise.

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“My tender seedling
In fertile soil
And with loving hands
Began to grow.
And when the time arrived
To share my caring
With someone else
I found you.
You quenched his thirst
And gave him room
To keep growing
And from your glowing warmth
And your guiding light
He sprouted and blossomed
And when you gave him back to me
My seedling had become
A Sunflower.”

Poem by Peggy Publow Rashdan,
Jamiel’s mom, 1982

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