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Sunflower Preschool Ltd. in addition to its own curriculum is pleased to offer programs through independent contracts for an additional fee.

These would include; Kiddin" Around and The Little Star Dancers.

The Little Star Dancers Program is a 30 minute class designed for children ages 2-6. Louise Merchant, owner and teacher, began her program 9 years ago. In this dance class your child will learn to move, create shapes with his/her body, and pantomime using proper technique that is developmentally age-appropriate.

The Little Star Dancers

There are many benefits for young children who take preschool dance classes:
- Increased body awareness, kinesthetic comfort and ease
- Improved alignment, flexibility and neurological patterning
- Emotional and social growth and development
- Greater self-esteem and autonomy
- Linguistic and aural (listening) skills enhanced
- Beginning understanding of academics such as math, reading, spelling and science
- Approaches 'classroom skills' necessary for school experiences, such as taking turns,  following directions, listening, sharing and communicating needs and feelings
- Develops early creative expression

The Little Star Dancers

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